Q. How can I get more information about your music library?
A. Please email your questions to enquiry@homestudiomusic.com

Q. How long does it take to receive the purchased track(s) after I make payment through PayPal?
A. For "Single Track Purchase" you are able to download the track you purchased instantly.

Q. Where can I find the detailed track listings ?
A. Please download the track listings from the download page:

Q. How does the "Purchase all tracks" work?
A. Once your payment has be confirmed, you will be able to download the tracks instantly.

Q. What is the best monitor resolution (setting) to view your website?
A. The pages are designed using 1280 x 800 (Millions Colors) resolution on Mac. We have tested our web pages on latest Safari, Firefox, Google Crome, Opera, SeaMonkey and Internet Explorer.

Q. Do you have commercial voices which we can use for our projects?
A. We do not provide or manage the voice talents. However, we do have some contacts listed on our web. Please contact them directly. Please visit: http://www.homestudio.com.sg/voicetalents.html

Please email us your questions and we will post the answers here soon.