Do not download or use music illegally.


All music contained within Home Studio Music production music website is copyrighted and is for professional use only. Any application for non professional use will not be approved. Any use of music from the website must be reported using the Usage Report Form (can be obtain from the website) and payment of licence fees made before synchronisation and broadcast of stated project. All music compositions and recordings in the Pull This Out Libraries are protected by the Republic Of Singapore Copyright Law.

Written permission (license) for any use must be obtained from Home Studio Music Pte Ltd. Unauthorized use in any form constitutes a violation of the Copyright Law, which provides for certain penalties. A valid license with Home Studio Music Pte Ltd grants you the right to both the recording (master) and the composition(musical copyright) more commonly referred to as the synchronization right. Synchronization is the right to affix music with the visual images or other audio signals and to mechanically reproduce the copyrighted music in the soundtracks and the copies of soundtracks.

Payment for a synchronization license need be made only once. However, additional synchronization licensing becomes necessary if the original production is changed, revised or dubbed in foreign languages. Performing rights licenses are usually the responsibility of the user. In the case of broadcast, (radio, TV, cable, satellite, etc.) it is the responsibility of the broadcaster.

Virtually, all broadcasters have negotiated licenses for these rights with major performing rights organization in the United States, ASCAP and/or BMI, SESAC