Home Studio Music is constantly looking for fresh, exciting tracks from talented producers and composers. Here is a chance for you to get into the business of writing music for film, TV, radio, games, animations and multimedia.

We are looking for top quality and highly original music. We want to hear what you have. However, we insist that anything you send us meet the following criteria:

- Compositions must be original, and created by the composer.

- Music track must be of excellent recording quality and be broadcast-ready.

- If your music contains a lead instrument or vocal, please send us an alternative version without the lead instrument and/or vocal as well.

- Everything submitted must be above 2minute in duration.

- Each music track must have a resolving ending. No fadeout please.

- You must be the sole owner of the musical copyright and master recording or be able to secure them.

Deals will be discussed after we have comfirmed if you are the one.

Now, if this is something you would like to embark in, email us maximum of 3 of your best tracks in mp3 format to submission@homestudiomusic.com. We will contact you promptly with our thoughts.

Please specify the genre that best fits your music as well.

Thank you very much.